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At Knights Enham Schools we provide… 

Inclusive and ambitious learning experiences where our school community feels safe and motivated to achieve their best.

'Together We Achieve' 

Cricket Team - 3rd Place

Parent information about the events that we enter

At Knights Enhram Junior School, we were proud to participate in a range of tournaments and competitions throughout the year with lots of success on the way. 

Andover Town Hockey Tournament - 4th Place

Andover Cricket Tournament - 2nd Place

Boys Andover Football Tournament at Vigo Primary School - 4th Place

Andover Quad Kids Competition at Winton School - 2nd Place

Spring 2022 House Hockey Competition - Carisbrooke 1st Place

2022 Andover Town Basketball Tournament at Winton Community Academy - 1st Place

2022 Andover Town Girls Football Tournament hosted at KEJS - 2nd Place

2021 Andover Town Hockey Tournament at John Hanson School - 4th Place