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At Knights Enham School we provide…

Inclusive and ambitious learning experiences where our school community feels safe and motivated to achieve their best.

‘Together We Achieve’

Computing Vision

At Knights Enham Schools we believe…

'That all children have access to a computing curriculum which aims to safely inspire and challenge. All pupils are given the opportunity to leave our school prepared for a technological age which is rapidly changing and growing.’

Curriculum Intent:

At Knight’s Enham Schools, Computing aims to be fully inclusive to every child and fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum for Computing KS1 and KS2.  Computing at Knights Enham Junior School intends to develop ‘thinkers of the future’ through a modern, ambitious and relevant education in computing. We want to equip pupils to use computational thinking and creativity that will enable them to become active participants in the digital world. It is important to us that children understand how to use the ever-changing technology to express themselves, as tools for learning and as a means to drive their generation forward into the future.

First and foremost, we believe that all pupils should be engaged in dialogue about the safe use of technology and the internet from an early age.   Whilst ensuring all pupils understand the advantages and disadvantages associated with online experiences, we want children to develop as respectful, responsible and confident users of technology, aware of measures that can be taken to keep themselves and others safe online.

Our aim is to provide a computing curriculum that is designed to balance acquiring broad and deep knowledge alongside opportunities to apply skills in various digital contexts. To do so, we deploy teaching strategies through the Purple Mash scheme of work, which also promotes our school values; resilience, independence, critical thinking, communication skills and problem-solving.  Beyond teaching computing discreetly, we will give pupils the opportunity to apply and develop what they have learnt across wider learning in the curriculum.

Above all, we want our pupils to leave our school equipped with the skills they need to access a world that is ever-more reliant on technology.


In ensuring high standards of teaching and learning in Computing, we have signed up to the Purple Mash curriculum for Knight’s Enham Junior School as it matches the available technology and the needs of the pupils we have in our school.  Pupils access the different areas on the computing curriculum using their laptops, ipads, online programming sites and other types of technology such as cameras.  Our approach to the computing curriculum is engaging and high quality and the impact of our approach will be seen in the children’s enjoyment and demonstration of their understanding. If children keep up with the curriculum, they are deemed to be making good or better progress. The children are able to save their work on the Purple Mash platform, where they can share and evaluate their work. This also enables teachers to view, assess and evaluate children’s attainment and progress. The children are taught subject-specific knowledge and enabled to develop computing skills in their lessons. They will be provided with beneficial experiences which will give them the building blocks to enable them to access the curriculum as they move onto further education and allow them to pursue a wide range of interests in their personal life.

In addition, we measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:

  • Subject leader walks.
  • Evaluation and scrutiny of work.
  • Conversations with children.
  • Teacher assessment of the outcomes outlined in Purple Mash planning which is linked to the computing curriculum.
  •  Evidence collected and filed online.
  • Review of computing being used cross-curricular.

Computing Action Plan

Computing Action Plan 23-24

Skills progression in Computing

Progression map Computing

E-Saftey Policy

E-Safety Policy 23-24