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At Knights Enham Schools we provide…

Inclusive and ambitious learning experiences where our school community feels safe and motivated to achieve their best.

‘Together We Achieve’

Knights Enham Schools has achieved the Platinum School Games. This is the highest award to celebrate the schools commitment and engagement in sports. 

Curriculum Intent

From our curriculum, pupils will become physically educated though experiencing a range of activity areas that:

• develop courage and display respect for the body

• build confidence to take part in physical activity

•develop competence in a range of physical skills

• challenge through a range of opportunities to take part in a broad range of physical activities

• develop communication and collaboration between pupils.

At Knights Enham Schools, our vision for Physical Education is that every child should have the opportunity to develop the physical confidence and skills to enjoy being active. We hope this will lead to our children aspiring to live a life-long passion of being physically active.

A broad and balanced Physical Education Curriculum is intended to provide for children’s increasing self-confidence, whilst providing appropriate challenge for all. At the core of our teaching and learning is the importance of children developing their skills and ability to manage themselves and their bodies within a variety of movement situations.

We also strive to give children the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive sports during their school life. Giving them the prospect of understanding what competition feels like, what it is like to be part of a team and to be able to both win and lose with equal grace whilst showing respect and nobleness.

It is also important that our children become confident leaders and, therefore, we pride ourselves on our ‘Learn to Lead’ opportunities. Developing children’s leadership gives them the understanding of what it is like to have responsibility and to show respect for rules whilst bringing the added challenge of communication and teamwork.

These opportunities and prospects give our children the skills, knowledge and self-belief to change their world.


Children participate in high-quality PE lessons and outdoor and adventurous activities twice a week.

● Teachers use, and adapt, whole school PE planning and resources to ensure lessons across years show progression through our learning journeys.

● Teachers follow the PE long term planning to ensure pupils participate in a variety of sports.

● Children are taught by teachers/sports coaches with a range of expertise.

● All classes participate in a variety of activities to help students meet the 30 minutes of daily physical activity at school. For example, Just Dances, Cosmic Kids, Yoga, GoNoodle and The Daily Mile.

PE Action Plan

PE Action Plan 23-24

PE progression of skills

PE Curriculum for 2023-24